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Investment Banking Data

Whether you're advising clients on capital raising or M&A transactions, SNL is the essential resource for the information you need to develop and support your recommendations. No other provider of investment banking data has the breadth and depth of industry-specific data in the sectors we cover. We've been Wall Street's most trusted and easy-to-use source of investment banking data since 1987.

From the contextual to the specific.
Want to look at a company in context? With a few mouse clicks, make peer comparisons against industry-specific performance metrics. SNL creates unique data templates for each sector to give you a more relevant picture. Tracking a specific company? News, analytics, investment banking data and detailed company financial profiles are cross-linked for easy reference. See regulatory filings, as-reported documents (including source tagging), M&A activity and asset-level detail.

Timely, accurate data with exclusive analytical tools.
SNL publishes investment banking data faster than any other provider and guarantees accuracy -- unparalleled in the financial information market. Use our Excel Add-In to create your proprietary models and seamlessly integrate SNL investment banking data. Refresh automatically. Employ a host of customizable analytical tools including valuation, peer and M&A models. Dissect key ratios. Visualize data with our powerful mapping tool.

SNL experts make you an industry insider.
Tap into the insights SNL’s sector experts have accumulated over the past 20+ years. Talk to one of our experts, available 24/7. Review the white papers our analysts publish, along with go-to estimates and reports that are eagerly awaited by industry insiders. You won’t speak to a generalist, only someone who knows your industry.

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