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Law and Accounting Firms

When you’re representing a client in a complex and highly regulated industry, SNL is your one-stop resource for the broadest, deepest and most comprehensive information, including filings, financials, regulatory data and significant legal developments. Our industry-specific data and news is easily accessible on our Web-based interactive platform.

Identify, monitor and mitigate potential risks
For the complex business sectors SNL covers, you won't find a more complete aggregation of legal documents, company filings, news and regulatory filings anywhere else. For example, for the banking industry you can easily access Investor Presentations, Press Releases, Conference Call Transcripts, Merger Apps (Y3), De Novo Apps and enforcement actions.

Stay on top of industry trends and issues: past, present and future
SNL publishes analytical reports that have become the go-to resources in their given sectors. These reports provide a contextual and granular view of an industry, from SNL Kagan’s “The Economics of Basic Cable Networks” to our exclusive TARP Participant Index to annual reports of insurance Industry executive compensation. Use our news feeds to track events that may impact a case or client.

A single source for all data, from financial performance to M&A
Find the information you need, published sooner and guaranteed to be accurate. Investigate current and past operational results. Review M&A in a specific sector or drill down to the M&A activity of specific companies. Research ownership and geographical reach or create Briefing Books and data maps with the click of a mouse. We offer Audit League Tables, where you can compare how your accounting firm ranks versus the competition on number of audit and tax clients and $ of revenues. For law firms we show the Lead Lawyer name for each M&A deal, plus League Table capabilities.

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