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Whether you specialize in an industry or are evaluating an opportunity in a sector with which you're unfamiliar, SNL is the single source for the information you need to make critical decisions. Nobody dives deep into sectors and companies like SNL. We aggregate data from fragmented sources and make it easily accessible to you on our interactive platform.

Exclusive sector forecasting and analytical tools
SNL’s analytical tools are the go-to instruments in each sector we cover: the Kagan Profitability Index for entertainment investments, power plant analysis for energy, geographic exposure reports for REITs, and in-depth analyst estimates for banking. Our Merger Model lets you calculate deal value using your assumptions. Use our Excel Add-In to flow our data into your spreadsheets with automatic updating. Take advantage of customizable templates to make peer comparisons.

Industry-specific data that is more comprehensive, timely and accurate
Since 1987, SNL has been providing the most comprehensive data on complex business sectors, going far beyond basic financials to give you the numbers behind the numbers, including hard-to-find ownership, corporate structure and asset-level data. Compare and benchmark peer performance against key industry metrics and ratios. Regulatory filings, investment details, geographic analysis – it’s all here. Plus, SNL data is published faster and accuracy is guaranteed.

Your own team of sector experts, available 24/7
When you subscribe to SNL, you have access to sector experts who provide you with in-depth insights and support, 24/7. Review our exclusive news feeds and proprietary analytic reports for both the big picture and the granular perspective.

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