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Balance Sheet

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(in thousands)     
Current assets 
Cash and cash equivalents 31,26047,92461,52039,560108,892
Marketable securities NANANA0132,435
Restricted cash NANA0222,294769
Trade receivables, (including related parties) net of allowance for doubtful accounts 64,95666,39965,07284,34876,378
Assets held for sale NANANA01,179
Prepaid expenses and other current assets (including related parties) 5,2955,7054,8706,26011,990
Total current assets 101,511120,028131,462352,462331,643
Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation 56,78457,87455,36860,33758,562
Intangible assets subject to amortization, net of accumulated amortization (including related parties) 20,19316,65613,12026,75825,828
Intangible assets not subject to amortization 220,701220,701220,701251,163254,506
Goodwill 50,08150,08150,08170,55773,566
Deferred income taxes 72,45857,92944,677NANA
Other assets 6,0391,6932,5124,6904,442
Total assets 527,767524,962517,921765,967748,547
Current liabilities 
Current maturities of long-term debt 3,7503,7503,7503,0003,000
Advances payable, related parties 118NANANANA
Accounts payable and accrued expenses (including related parties ) 32,19529,78730,81057,56352,787
Deferred revenue NANANA1,9593,386
Total current liabilities 36,06333,53734,56062,52259,173
Long-term debt, less current maturities, net of unamortized debt issuance costs 336,563309,587286,697292,489291,237
Other long-term liabilities 9,58314,56513,20821,44719,553
Deferred income taxes NANA040,63942,326
Total liabilities 382,209357,689334,465417,097412,289
Stockholders' equity 
Class A common stock 66776
Class B common stock 22222
Class U common stock 11111
Additional paid-in capital 912,161910,228904,867888,650874,508
Accumulated deficit (764,474)(738,849)(718,444)(539,730)(536,697)
Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) (2,138)(4,115)(2,977)(60)(1,562)
Total stockholders' equity 145,558167,273183,456348,870336,258
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity 527,767524,962517,921765,967748,547

Data shown on this page is extracted directly from the company’s documents. SNL makes every effort to line up fields, captions and headers that represent the same data over time, despite variations in how the company may report these items in different documents. In certain instances the variation in the company’s presentation over time may be too significant, potentially resulting in repeating and/or disordered items. Despite possible issues with the presentation, SNL, as always, stands by its commitment to the quality of the data.

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