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Financial Charting
 2017 FQ2 YTD2016 FY2015 FY2014 FY2013 FY
Period Ended6/30/201712/31/201612/31/201512/31/201412/31/2013
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Cash and Cash Equivalents60,63761,52047,92431,26043,822
Current Assets137,601131,462120,028101,511111,052
Net PP&E56,83755,36857,87456,78458,765
Total Intangible Assets317,454283,902287,438290,975277,160
Total Assets553,044517,921524,962527,767538,237
Short-term and Current Long-term Debt3,7503,7503,7503,7503,750
Current Liabilities50,93334,56033,53736,06335,114
Non-current Long-term Debt285,153286,697309,587336,563360,313
Total Liabilities363,218334,465357,689382,209402,213
Equity Attributable to Parent Company189,826183,456167,273145,558136,024
Total Equity189,826183,456167,273145,558136,024
Total Capitalization, at Book Value478,729473,903480,610485,871500,087
Income Statement ($000)   
Operating Revenue, Net128,019258,514254,134242,038223,916
Cost of Revenue67,521122,975117,565107,867101,419
Reported Net Operating Income17,30848,85655,24559,66653,950
Recurring EBIT17,59148,85655,24560,40153,950
Recurring EBITDA25,71464,19871,23475,06468,903
Net Income before Taxes10,13133,52642,03945,566(312)
Net Income before Extra6,11320,40525,62527,122133,825
Net Income6,11320,40525,62527,122133,825
Net Income Attributable to Parent6,11320,40525,62527,122133,825
Cash Flow Statement Highlights ($000)   
Cash Flow from Operating Activities23,30657,29662,28354,41232,755
Cash Flow from Investing Activities (17,175) (9,553) (13,696) (23,657) (10,174)
Cash Flow from Financing Activities(6,996)(34,147)(31,923)(43,317)(14,889)
Recurring Levered Free Cash Flow10,86939,85944,53950,33125,305
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)   
Debt / Book Capitalization60.3561.2965.2070.0472.80
Total Debt / Total Equity (x) 1.521.581.872.342.68
Total Equity / Total Assets34.3235.4231.8627.5825.27
Debt plus Rdm Pfd / Equity (x) 1.521.581.872.342.68
Long-term Debt / Book Capital59.5660.5064.4269.2772.05
Debt & Redeemable Preferred / Book Capital60.3561.2965.2070.0472.80
Net Debt and Preferred / Recurring EBITDA (x) 4.374.
Income and Cash Flow Statement Ratios (%)   
Operating Revenue Growth4.131.725.008.090.30
Recurring EBITDA Growth(10.98)(9.88)(5.10)8.94(8.38)
Recurring Levered FCF Growth(33.46)(10.51)(11.51)98.90(16.46)
Profitability Ratios (%)   
Return on Invested Capital7.1310.0111.1111.8114.22
Recurring EBITDA Margin20.0924.8328.0331.0130.77
Recurring Levered FCF Margin8.4915.4217.5320.7911.30
Recurring Levered Free Cash Flow / Recurring EBITDA42.2762.0962.5267.0536.73
Liquidity Ratios (x)   
Recurring EBITDA / Interest Expense plus Pfd3.514.155.465.402.80
Recurring Unlevered FCF / Interest Expense2.433.534.354.722.35
Cash Interest Coverage4.184.705.774.912.33
Per Share Information ($)   
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 90,413,34890,166,59888,757,51387,176,73488,115,554
Avg Diluted Shares (actual) 91,897,15091,303,05690,295,18590,943,73489,338,696
Basic Book Value per Share2.102.031.881.671.54
Basic EPS before Extra0.
Basic EPS after Extra0.
Diluted EPS before Extra0.
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary0.
Recurring Levered FCF per Share0.120.430.490.560.28
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