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Transcript of First Quarter 2019 Conference Call4/18/2019
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2017 Earnings Call1/26/2018
Transcript of Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Call10/20/2017
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2016 Earnings Call1/20/2017
Transcript of Third Quarter 2016 Earnings Call10/21/2016
Transcript of Second Quarter 2016 Earnings Call7/22/2016
Transcript of First Quarter 2016 Earnings Call4/22/2016
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2015 Earnings Call1/22/2016
Transcript of Third Quarter 2015 Earnings Call10/27/2015
2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation4/29/2015
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2014 Earnings Call1/22/2015
Midwest IDEAS Investor Conference 2014 Webcast11/18/2014
Transcript of Third Quarter 2014 Conference Call10/27/2014
Transcript of Second Quarter 2014 Conference Call7/30/2014
2014 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation4/23/2014
Transcript of First Quarter 2014 Conference Call4/22/2014
Transcript of Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2013 Conference Call & Webcast1/24/2014
SMID-West Investor Conference Presentation12/4/2013
Transcript of Third Quarter 2013 Earnings Conference Call & Webcast10/25/2013
2013 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation4/24/2013
2012 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation4/26/2012
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2011 Earnings Webcast2/2/2012
2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/5/2011
Transcript of First Quarter 2011 Earnings Webcast4/29/2011
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2010 Earnings Webcast1/28/2011
A Work in Progress - Town Hall Meeting Presentation11/30/2010
Transcript of Third Quarter 2010 Earnings Webcast11/22/2010
Transcript of Third Quarter 2010 Earnings Webcast11/22/2010
Transcript of Second Quarter 2010 Financial Results Webcast7/29/2010
Transcript of First Quarter 2010 Financial Results Webcast4/29/2010
2010 Annual Meeting Presentation4/22/2010
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2009 Earnings Webcast1/28/2010
2009 Annual Report12/31/2009
Transcript of Third Quarter 2009 Earnings Webcast10/29/2009
Transcript of 2nd Quarter 2009 Earnings Webcast7/16/2009
Transcript of 1st Quarter 2009 Earnings Webcast4/17/2009
26th Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation4/16/2009
Transcript of 4th Quarter 2008 Earnings Webcast1/22/2009
2008 Annual Report12/31/2008
Transcript of Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Webcast10/16/2008
Transcript of Second Quarter 2008 Earnings Webcast7/17/2008
Transcript of First Quarter 2008 Earnings Webcast4/18/2008
25th Annual Shareholders Meeting Presentation4/17/2008
Transcript for Fourth Quarter 2007 Earnings Webcast1/24/2008
2007 Annual Report12/31/2007
Transcript of Third Quarter 2007 Earnings Webcast10/19/2007
Transcript of Second Quarter 2007 Earnings Release7/19/2007
Transcript of First Quarter 2007 Earnings Release4/20/2007
2006 Annual Meeting Presentation4/19/2007
Transcript of Fourth Quarter 2006 Earnings Webcast1/25/2007
2006 Annual Report12/31/2006
Transcript of Third Quarter 2006 Earnings Webcast10/19/2006
Transcript of Second Quarter 2006 Earnings Webcast7/20/2006
Transcript of First Quarter 2006 Earnings Webcast4/21/2006
2005 Annual Meeting Presentation4/20/2006
Transcript for Fourth Quarter 2005 Earnings Webcast1/24/2006
2005 Annual Report12/31/2005
Transcript for Third Quarter 2005 Earnings Webcast10/20/2005
Transcript for Second Quarter 2005 Earnings Webcast7/21/2005
Transcript of 1st Quarter 2005 Webcast4/22/2005
Transcript of 4th Quarter 2004 Earnings Webcast1/25/2005
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